Raising awareness for Breast Cancer Research

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Dr. Hirshfield

Dr. Hirshfield is a renowned member of the St. John’s University Biology faculty for over 25 years. He received his Phd. in Biochemistry from the University of Pittsburgh. Performs experiments in his St. John’s University lab and has published a plethora of papers over the years. As a professor he continues to influence the student population in his presence, teachings and world views. Biology majors who are fortunate enough to take one of his courses know the vast amount of knowledge we can learn from him. He teaches both in the classroom and in his labs. In his labs students learn the hands on training and desire needed to be a great research expert. Not only is he a knowledgeable professor but he is also a very friendly and approachable person. His main research interests are in the unknown aspects of small colony variants of E.coli. Another research interest of his is the regulation of gene expression in prokaryotes in response to environmental stress. The Chapter of Gamma Psi is lucky to have such an inspiring professor as the advisor of the honor society.

IRIDIUM Media Production Director

IRIDIUM is a NYC based DJ, Songwriter, Audio Engineer, and Music Producer with extensive experience in Film and web development. He has joined forces with the Biology National Honor Society to help maintain our website and all of our audio/visual needs; Keeping us on the cutting edge in Media production.

Glen Oaks Volunteer Ambulance Corps

GOVAC has been serving the Glen Oaks community for decades. It has given honorable service, and produced many respectable members of todays emergency medical force. Over years of building their personnel they have obtained over 100 active members, including a youth squad. They are of great assistance to not only their community but also to other Boroughs especially in times of crisis. Terrible storms cannot close GOVAC'S doors!